Worldly Trouble


Why do you think that someone else will clear this exam and not you? Are you really inferior or are you having this feeling because you have read “toppers’ fact file” spread by some portals – coaching institutes?

What we lack – as an Indian? You may link this with our “defeated” past. All along our civilization, someone or the other tribe/group has enslaved us, ruled over us. All we have done is, at best, united against one tall “British” imperialism – but that too was not for one common future – but to regain old slavery.

We all are “gifted” human beings, but the problem is that we ask someone else to lead us. That’s where the problem is. All along this journey (aim4mains – offline and now online) – we have been committed to create conducive environment to let every aspirant “develop” himself/herself. We have merely been a facilitator – a guide and a mentor. True to our core thinking – we don’t and we will never believe in “spoon feeding”.

What is required to excel in this exam – 4-5 hours of regular study ( for a 6 months course), correct set of reading/referring materials and a dedicated vision ( and a mentor :D)

Why mentor - because he/she is your overstudy( Google the term “overstudy” to find what it means in armed forces training college) and can relate to your anxiety, frustration, setbacks and optimisms. You have an idol – in every field – then why not in the battle of UPSC 2018?

So, come and join us. Let us help you remain “affirmed”. Be a part of our “selective” mentor-guidance programme and secure your CSM -2018 admit card.

Aiming for CSP 2020