Why Us ?


Why Us?

“aim4mains” is a mentor guided support platform and have had offline presence for more than 2 years. This methodology is tried and tested. After all, weren’t your teachers’ professional mentor?

Thoughts of bringing this platform online came after 2016 prelims when few of selected students took upon themselves the task of “streamlining the process”. The core team was pursued rigorously and finally they caved in. We know we are coming a bit delayed but surely we know how to do it (ace prelims).

Let us quote you the text of a letter, written to us by one of our mentee:-

“2015 CSP, for most of us, it was our first prelims. We relied on coaching materials, test series and fell prey to the tall claims made by such propagandists. You may still see them online (bragging some 50-60 questions coming directly from their test series). Since we extensively relied on them, despite covering basics and current events, we lacked “Thinking stimulus”.

If you have gone through UPSC Civil services exam notification, you would see it clearly mentioned that this exam only seeks the insight of a young, average graduate. This candidate is supposed to have a knack of what’s happening around (also mentioned in mains syllabus – factors/policies affecting Indian interest).

But coaching walla creates a fear in us and then monetizes this artificial scarcity. Worst still, instead of making us capable (evoke Thinking Stimulus) they produce cut copy paste type notes- MCQs. In reality, CSP can be cracked simply by devoting 2-3 hours for general reading (Newspaper, NCERT, and Lok Sabha/Rajya Sabha debates. This (common sense and Thinking stimulus) is the reason why some clear prelims every time and some don’t despite putting their heart and soul to this preparation.

Coming back to history and intent of this support group (read “aim4mains”), we can proudly say that we learnt from our CSP 2015 disaster. Come CSP 2016, due to this Common sense and Thinking Stimulus approach adopted and practiced, every member of this group scores 120+. The error margin was less than of 5 questions. Yes, not everyone cleared CSM 2016, but this approach helped us nail CSP 2017.

In this endeavor, we are fortunate to have some “senior members (ex administrators and serving IAS, IRS) who have guided us all throughout.”

Aim4mains strive for “capacity building”. It is not a coaching platform. Your mentor will not provide you with any “material”. There is enough material, already floating around. He/she will develop your potential – your “thinking Stimulus” – will enable the path for you to conquer CSP like a pro. Off course, you are required to be focused and dedicated in this programme.

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