Outsourced plus original QCA evaluation

Every serious aspirant knows the importance of “answer writing”. Its intensive practice is “must” if you want to see your roll number in the pdf that contains “Interview call list”.

But, not everyone is able to do it with a consistent pace. Or, worse still, few start it and then abandon answer writing. It happens mostly due to “mechanical” evaluation of question cum answer booklet.

You join some institute’s “mains – answer writing programme” to improve your grip. They ask you to pay complete fee – upfront. But you don’t write all the tests – losing money as well as peace of mind.

Moreover, their evaluation – most of times – does not even inspire you. Those who have written mains can relate to this. Marks that they give vary to a great length with the actual UPSC’s marks. Either they award “too lose” – to attract potential customers (Guru-vs-shopkeeper dilemma) or they follow strict marking. But, is it really required/right way to do it?

Why we are saying so –

Many members of our mentor team have been the part of QCA evaluation of various coaching institutes and evaluated numerous QCA booklets. What can be said at this time is that - It’s a disorganized industry – which hardly cares to know or match UPSC’s demand.

We know the problems – and we are not here to aggravate it. Rather, we intend to fix this. How –

“aim4mains” proposes a unique solution. You are free to write any institutes mains General studies and essay question paper, scan it via “camScanner” and send the PDF file to

So, you are free to write tests whenever you want to. But “aim4mains” is committed to evaluate it for you and send you “your evaluated copy” within 3 days. It is easier this way. Write any General studies paper available in the market and send it to us. (Our evaluators have virtually given services to every coaching institute in the past).

We take our margin of error of around 10%. That means if we give you 90 in any paper – you can expect 81 -99 as per UPSC’s evaluation.

We will charge you half of whatever the bigwigs of the market are quoting. We will evaluate your copy, send it back to your email and will call you back (only if you ask for it. Do mention that in the email) for an elaborate discussion.

Our response time (Turnaround time) is of 3 days (This includes complete end to end work). This QCA evaluation is part of “aim4mains” group. You can read more about us from our website. The amount per QCA for GS and essay paper will be revised accordingly.

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