Mentor Guided programme CSP-2020

As your mentor, we are committed to help you crack CSP 2020 and secure CSM 2020 admit card. We have a rock solid yet customized programme built for your need. This will help you overcome depression, passivity and “walking off the rail” desire. What we are going to provide you.

  • UPSC GS 1 prelims test paper ( total 16)
  • Detailed explanation – solely on the basis of “Thinking Stimulus” and “common sense” – we call it come on sense, Your own “over-study”
  • Talk to mentor programme – using call/email support
  • 1:20 mentor to aspirant ratio
  • Dedicated and Disciplined path
  • Aspirant track sheet (Aspirant Fact Sheet)
  • Comprehensive feedback from mentor – for course correction.
  • Assured success in Prelims with comfortable margin.


How we will help?

  • You will fill – “tell us about yourself” form which will be sent to your email post paying up of “aim4mains” prelims 2020 subscription fee.
  • Your detailed answer to the above will be scrutinized by “aim4mains” core team and based on your need a mentor will be assigned to you.
  • You will be notified of “what to read and from where to read”. This programme is broken down into daily 6 hour study period and will continue for 90 days. How well you are sticking to the timeline will be tested via 6 test series. Each test paper will be released on fortnightly basis.
  • Discipline is the key to success. Hence – there will be only one window to appear for the test online. This is real UPSC prelims simulation. No excuses – whatsoever. If you miss this slot, you have to contact your mentor.
  • Your mentor will call/email you after every test series attempt and discuss your stated performance. He will document your performance and feedback given in your “aspirant factsheet”. This will help you remain on course and it will help us track your performance and recommend suitable “corrective action”.
  • Every test paper will have 60:40 (static: Current affairs) ratio. Current affairs, as far as possible, will be of applied version.
  • Once in a month, we will try to hold a general virtual “get together” – herein you are free to ask anything related to prelims/upsc.
  • Assured success in Prelims with comfortable margin.In case you want to contact your mentor for further guidance (apart from test series performance discussion), you are free to drop an email. Your mentor will inform you of his/her availability and you can reach/call him/her accordingly.


Guidance Pie Chart

At first go an aspirant is able to mark nearly 45-50 questions. (It is a three stage process and please reserve last 15 minutes to mark answers in OMR), Prelims is tricky and it gets worse if you panic. Remember the uproar over Tina Dabi’s Prelims marksheet ? she would have failed if even one question would have gotten wrong. So apart from maintaining a confidently positive mindset, what is the approach to tackle prelims paper?

Out of total 100 questions asked in GS 1, unless the paper is easy, you would realize that you know “for sure” answers of around 40-45 questions. So you mark their correct answers in the question paper – don’t touch OMS answer sheet at this moment. Your psychological state may confuse you and you may mark one or two incorrect bubbles- so do bubble marking in last 15 minutes.

In this first phase reading – you would also have marked/eliminated some incorrect options. So out of 4 choices in most of questions you are looking a probability of 75:25 or 50:50.

Remember, there would be around 12-18 questions of which you will have no clue – where they come from or what could be their answer. Due to your superior aptitude for common sense and Thinking Stimulus, you would be able to find right choice for 2-3 questions. (Click here to see what we are talking about – CSP 2017 GS-1 Analysis) Your first reading should be over within 50-55 minutes.

In your second reading, you will straight away go to 75:25 and 50:50 probable cases. Here thanks to examly adrenalin you would find your Thinking Stimulus and Common sense working like CTRL +F of an I7 processor. Once you are done with second reading , your total tally of marked answers will hover around ( 45+3+15 = 63).

You know now that paper is not easy but doable. In such papers, the cut off may hover around 57-59% (around 118 marks). Your current totals is way over required cut off, but we are also considering here that Thinking Stimulus and Common sense didn’t let u increase error margin of maximum 5 questions. Also, you are not supposed to mark wrong bubble – that’s why last 15 minutes are reserved just for this task.

In this situation, we have to go for a third reading – before the bill is passed. Remember we only need 5-6 more questions. That should do it. This final reading would take nearly 15 minutes ( 55+25+15). We are relying on Thinking Stimulus and Common sense to help you secure these 5-6 questions.

We know it’s easy to write here, post facto. But trust us – mentees of “aim4mains” have done it and we know that you can do it to. It’s not a cakewalk – but with the mentor guidance – you will surely be able to rise above – That’s our promise. Come join us and take your first step towards CSM 2020 call.

Say goodbye to endless forum/facebook group searches on “ what is the exected cut off for CSP 2020) – start your mains preparation immediately after prelims !!

Aiming for CSP 2020