Final Year Graduates

“aim4mains” is committed to provide you “mentor support” during your final year graduation period. During this 12 month programme, your mentor will guide you in such a way, that you will have with you – your mains admit card right in your first attempt of UPSC civil services examination. Why would you choose incorrect optional, get overwhelmed by flood of materials or stuck with dilemma of “what to read” or what not to read? - When “aim4mains” is here for you. If being in administrative services is your dream and you are passionate about it – then “aim4mains” is here to help.

We understand that final year of graduation bring with it a lot many challenges. But if you are determined to be a “civil servant” and ready to devote few hours in a week – then “aim4mains” will ensure that your dream takes a concrete shape.

How we will do that?

  • You will subscribe to our “Prelims- mentor based guidance programme” and send your details via “tell us about yourself” form.
  • We will analyze your requirement based on your “response sheet” and you will be assigned a “mentor”
  • Your Mentor will share with you, a customized “study path”. This path will have certain events (tests). You will be entrusted to follow this path religiously.
  • Once every 15 -20 days, your performance will be evaluated. Your mentor will call and discuss your performance and suggest suitable course –correction.
  • This process will continue for 12 months. During the course, aim4mains will conduct some “ask-me-anything – AMA” sessions. You will have the opportunity to ask anything related to UPSC civil services – preparation-career progression from serving/retired officers.

“aim4mains” is a mentor guided support platform. It intends to connect “UPSC Veterans” and retired officers with young aspiring minds. “Minds” which aspire to be a civil servant. What can be better than “catching these aspiring minds” when they are young. This will not only reduce failed attempts but also, to a great extent, minimize “burn –outs”.

Please note that aim4mains is not a coaching platform. Hence, we would not provide you coached materials. We will develop your potential and enhance “thinking stimulus”. Your mentor will be there with you like a “senior buddy” or call it an overstudy (Google this term to learn what it means in armed forces training college).

“aim4mains” will charge each aspirant INR 1,200 per month (total course fee INR 14,400). The fee will go towards Mentor service charge and maintenance of this platform.

Aiming for CSP 2020